Technology for a better planet

70% of domestic energy is used on

heating and cooling.

The EU has made it a primary target to reduce green house gases by 40% for 2030. Traditional heat pumps and AC systems use refrigerants with 1,000 to 9,000 times greater capacity to heat the atmosphere over C02. Management of these refrigerants is considered to be the most impactful solution against climate change.

Blue Heart have developed the most

advanced heatpump with zero refrigerants

The current heat pumps, based on traditional technology, are not designed to tackle the domestic energy challenges we are facing today. Blue Heart is the innovative technology inside all future heat pumps.


Blue Heart Energy is developing the innovative thermo-acoustic heart that beats inside future-proof heat pumps. Blue Heart is flexible, highly efficient and toxin-free. We aim to join forces with heating and cooling systems all over the world. Together we can help achieve 100% clean heating and cooling for the planet.

Change the world

Blue Heart is a group of passionate people from many different backgrounds and specialisations, who have combined forces to change the way we heat and cool our buildings. With the help and support of individuals, corporations and governments all over the world, we aim to realise our mission and make the planet a better place to live.

"..nothing will stand in the way of mass production of the new type of heat pump."

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