Heat pumps

BLUE HEART develops thermo acoustic heat pumps. A heat pump extracts heat from a source and transfers it to a heat sink. An illustrative picture is given below:

The basic theory

Technically the basic principle is the same as you would find in a bicycle pump. In a pump temperature rises along with pressure.


Electrical driven thermos-acoustic heat pumps

BLUE HEART heat pumps are closed systems that are filled with Helium under pressure.

Electrical driven drivers (1) send an acoustic wave through the pump. At the point where Helium is compressed heat is exchanged by a heat exchanger (2). At the point where the helium is expanded, heat from the source is added using a second heat exchanger (4). Between the two heat exchangers a regenerator is placed (3). Within the regenerator a thermal cycle arises. In this way the regenerator creates a temperature difference or a so called thermal pump or heat pump.The heat exchangers (2) and (4) are connected to either the source or heatsink, depending on the demand of the consumer. Either heating or cooling.







More specific

Between the heat exchangers 2 and 4 a regenerator is placed. The regenerator is made of a porous material which functions as a buffer between the cold and warm heat exchangers. Due to the soundwaves a continuous cycle of compressing and expanding of Helium gas occurs within the regenerator.


Blue Heart is knowledge leader in controlling the above cycle and optimising the thermal output of the system.