The BLUE HEART is the thermal heart of a building. It is the new solution for renewable heating & cooling of residential and office buildings with a revolutionary heat pump technology.
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BLUE-HEART uses thermos-acoustics to electrically drive heat pumps. We expect to go to market at the start of 2019 with our first products for use in residential and office buildings.


The BLUE HEART heat pumps are 100% environmentally friendly heat and cooling sources for your home. A heat pump system needs an energy source, a pump and a sink system. BLUE HEART’s heat generators fit into all available systems



The thermal efficiency of BLUE HEART heat pumps is higher than is the case with regular heat pumps. Average return on investment for the end user is at least 2,5 years.

Because of our outstanding thermoacoustic technology BLUE HEART heat pumps are lower in cost, higher in comfort, easier to integrate and highly future proof compared to other heat pumps.

Our thermoacoustic technology is superior to existing systems



The heat pumps of BLUE HEART are at first designed for residents and offices. Focus will be on small to medium size areas which can be heated or cooled separately from each other. Central heating systems will follow later. Which can be developed to central heating systems for small buildings.Other applications are:

* Small scale or serial industrial heating & cooling
* Agriculture heating & cooling
* Cooling in logistic storage
* Truck cooling
* Upgrading of thermal district heating
* Remote mobile cooling & heating systems
* Datacentre cooling